Our History

The expression "Sargodha" has its starting points in the words "sar" signifying "lake" and "godha" signifying "sadhu". There are a few speculations about the inception of this name. One hypothesis is that it is gotten from the Sanskrit "svargadhama" signifying "wonderful habitation". On the off chance that it was in this way, at that point it would have offered ascend to"Sargdham" in Punjabi. The most trusted hypothesis is that there was a lake in a center of town where a Hindu occupant "Godha" used to live. In Punjabi, "sar" is utilized for lake, so it is named as "Sargodha" which signifies "Lake of Godha". This is likewise minimal opposing because request of words does not reflect Punjabi use. i.e. Amritsar, "The pool of nectar".

The Sargodha City was established by Lady Trooper in 1903. Being the District Headquarters since 1940, Sargodha was moved up to the status of Divisional Headquarters in the year 1960. It is one of the arranged urban communities of a district where today Pakistan is available. It is just 1 hour and 33 minutes from Faisalabad which is a center of Textile Industry of Pakistan. Sargodha has run of the mill Punjabi culture. Individuals of Sargodha are exceptionally tranquil and tolerant. It is a very religion partner assorted city where dominant part is of Muslims, Christians are second in lion's share and Hindus are third in number. Since the formation of Pakistan, not even a solitary time, there has been battle among individuals of various factions or religion has happened.
The general population of Sargodha have extraordinary sustenance propensities. There are a few lodgings and eateries where individuals use to run and appreciate sustenance with their families. One of the renowned eateries is Karana Bar Restaurant. One of the acclaimed sustenance center point in Sargodha is Khayam Chowk. Samosas and pakoras of Khayam Chowk are extremely celebrated among individuals of Sargodha. Another pattern that individuals of Sargodha has is that they go to consistent eateries as well as they are an extraordinary admirer of nourishment of truck driver inns. They use to go to these truck driver inns which are out of Sargodha City with their families and appreciate the nourishment which is exceptionally fiery. 

The pattern of education in Sargodha is likewise great. Individuals having a place with country Sargodha likewise give incredible consideration towards education of their youngsters. They send their youngsters to schools and universities with this reality that schools and schools are for the most part arranged in urban Sargodha which is 2 to 3 kms away. There are number of schools and universities. There is additionally one Government University in Sargodha called, "College of Sargodha". It has additionally one restorative school called, "Sargodha Medical College" which has given 99.9% normal outcome in initial three years of its development beginning from 2009 to 2011 and has wound up noticeably fourth Medical Institute in Punjab and seventh in Pakistan because of its nature of instruction. The quantity of understudies who are going to schools and universities can be known by this reality this is the main locale in Pakistan where each school or school framework has more than two branches because of awesome number of understudies. 

Individuals of Sargodha are extremely energetic. They have been granted by numerous Presidential Honors because of their awesome help to Pakistan Army and Air Force amid the Pak-Indo wars of 1965 and 1971. Despite the fact that the picture of Pakistan Military is awful now days because of its organization together with American Military, still individuals of Sargodha demonstrate awesome help for Pakistan Army. 

Sargodha is likewise extremely renowned for its shining and rich green orange plantations. It is the biggest kinno creating locale of the world and is called "California of Pakistan". The nature of Kinno deliver here is well known all around the globe and it is having a vital impact in improving economy of Pakistan and more grounded. It has one waterway which originates from stream Jhelum. This trench is the fundamental wellspring of farming in this region.

Sargodha has likewise one material plant named as "Sultan Textile Mill". This factory is a noteworthy wellspring of pay for destitute individuals of Sargodha. Sargodha has additionally many rice preparing plants and squeezes industrial facilities which likewise help individuals of Sargodha to gain their job. Rice processing plants incorporate plant of well known rice handling gathering of Pakistani called, "Omni Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd. In juices industrial facilities division, there are two noteworthy gatherings who are makers of juices are running their processing plants in Sargodha area. One is "Settle" and second is "Shezan". These processing plants are unquestionably insufficient for populace of Sargodha which is at the present time about a large portion of a million. Larger part of individuals earn their living through agrobusinesses and instructed individuals likewise do tasks in government and open area to procure living for their families. 

Sargodhian culture is an incredible blend of country and urban culture. Individuals of Sargodha still take after ordinary country esteems which are considered as a stunner of Pakistani culture yet they have modernized their living style with the assistance of innovation. As the rate of training is high, so rate of individuals who make their choice in Sargodha area is high. Area of Sargodha has 6 seats of National Assembly and 12 seats of Punjab Provincial Assembly. In these aggregate 18 seats, individuals of Sargodha have constantly given their votes for competitors who are knowledgeable, legitimate and bear good character with no distinction of cast, race, gathering and religion. This demonstrates issues that Pakistan is confronting now days can be settled effortlessly on the off chance that we give individuals an instruction on rise to level and make them mindful. This will help us to make Pakistan a created nation. 

Sargodha is exceptionally well known in Punjab for its celebrations. Sargodha has "Mela Maweshian" every year. It is so much prominent that Sargodha Cricket Stadium is known as Mela Maweshian Ground. Sargodha has given Pakistan some incredible players of Kabbadi and cricket. In kabbadi, Malik Muhammad Ahmad Hayyat Lumbardar is known on an international level. In cricket, Muhammad Hafeez, exhibit chief of T20 group of Pakistan and Aizaz Cheema, quick bowler of Pakistan Cricket Group. Rana Naveed ul Hassan likewise have a place with Sargodha.